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Blogging in High School

1 Sep

Is hard. I have been so busy lately, I’ve had almost no time to blog, or read any of my favorites! With tennis matches and practices, homework, and all of the other things that go along with school starting, I have been so out of it; which is probably pretty apparent by my recent posts (or lack thereof).  Once my schedule starts evening out, I hope to be able to have more time for blogging.

Algebra II is kicking my bootie! I may have mentioned it before, but my schedule this semester is tough, but it’s not going to be nearly as hard as next semester.  Next semester, I have World History, AP Biology, English, and Pre-Cal! Whew! Next semester I will probably have no social life at all! ugh, oh well. If I can get some of these classes out of the way now, it should make my schedule easier in the next couple of years.

Tomorrow’s Friday(!), and in honor of that, I will share my song of the week, which just happens to be EXTREMELY appropriate (minus the drinking part 😉 )


It’s a Scorcher

30 Jul

Whew! It is SO hot outside today!  Sierra and I started out this morning with a little mini- boot camp.

Then we played tennis for a little while. It was so hot, we both were a little absent minded during our tennis session. By the end, we were both so ready to be done!

Before the workout, my dad had made some cinnamon toast, and I had a little bit of scrambled eggs. (sorry there’s no picture)

I don’t have too any other plans for the rest of the day. One of my friends had her wisdom teeth out, so I may go visit her in a little bit 🙂

Happy Saturday!

Catch Up and P90X

23 Jan

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly just because I’ve been busy. haha. Anyway, A couple weeks ago, I started doing P90X. I started with the Ab Ripper X DVD which probably wasn’t a very good idea. It is extremely tough. I’ve also done the X Stretch, Kenpo X, and Core Synergetics DVDs. Ouch! I have been able to feel the results since I started. They are such good workouts, and I’m super excited to see what my final results will be! The Core Synergetics DVD that I did last night used a lot of upper body strength, as well as your normal push up, and lunge exercises. It really worked my whole core instead of just my abs. I love it!