Traffic Circle Chaos

7 Apr

I haven’t updated in a while-I know, bad blogger- but a lot of new things have been happening lately!

Last year, and then for most of the season this year, I had been throwing shot put, and discus. After a lot of throwing, and no progress, mixed with my own dislike for the sport, I decided to give running track a try. I like running on my own, how bad could it be? I told the coaches I wanted to do distance, not sprint running, and shortly after, I was running with the group. 

Last Monday, we were doing a group 3 mile run, and I was about 1/2 mile from the end. There were a few people behind me, and people in front of me, but we were all pretty spread out, so there was no one actually around me for most of the run. There is a ton of construction going on around my school, and they just put in a traffic circle. I was starting to zone out, and was just focused on finishing the race, when all of a sudden i hit the pavement- hard.  I had tripped over the uneven pavement between the circle, and the road, and took a nasty spill. My hands were torn up, and my ankle was a little twisted, but the worst part was my legs. I’ve never been so torn up in my life! I fought tears, as I picked myself up, and walked for about 20 feet before starting to run again. I had to finish the run!

After I stopped running, all the pain in my legs hit me. They didn’t have any bandages in the field house, so i went ahead and left to go home, and fox myself up.


My right knee was a pretty raised knot with bruising all over, and the left knee was a deep wound. Believe it or not, I actually ran in the track meet two days later in the 800, and mile events. Ouch!


I’ve had bandages on them the last few days, and they’re just starting to heal up a little bit. I’m hoping they’ll be better in the next few weeks before summer, so I can wear shorts and dresses/skirts without feeling ridiculous.  Yikes!


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