No More Lazy Half-Days

10 Nov

My school district had a half day of school today, so my friend Sierra and I decided to have a little fun after school. I always get bored on these days, because you go home, and there’s not much to do! Here are some photos of the fun that ensued!




afterrr (Sierra and I with our friend Alex)

Just a tiny little sample 🙂 We have tomorrow and Friday off as well, so I’m looking forward to making the most out of my little mini-break! Tomorrow I have plans to go see Footloose again for the second time in less than one week. Yes, it’s that good! I know it’s had mixed reviews, but I REALLY enjoyed it!


Have a good rest of the week and weekend! 🙂


Have you seen the new Footloose? What did you think of it compared to the original?


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