Giveaway Win!

27 Aug

This is probably going to sound really funny, but I have been trying to win giveaways for months! I always enter, never really expecting to win; however, last week, I finally won! Meghann, from Meals & Miles, was giving away a Healthy Living Summit hoodie, and I wanted it so bad! I had really wanted to go to HLS, so having the hoodie was like having just a little piece of the event.

I love the bright color of the hoodie, (which is really hard to see in this picture), and it is EXTREMELY comfortable. And the coolest thing? It’s made from Bamboo, and is really environmentally friendly! It’s made by Five Bamboo, and after looking at a bunch of their products, I found that I really like a lot of their clothing!

This picture does NOT do the hoodie justice. I had just gotten home from tennis, and the first day of school, so I was in a bit of a whirlwind to say the least!

Hoodie Win


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