Long Time, No post

20 Aug

Whew! After quite a little hiatus here in the blog world, I’m back! Here’s a few things that happened over the break:

  • Went on a camping trip/ White water rafting trip
  • I had some more pool time with Sierra!
  • took several more Zumba classes 🙂
  • Went to Tennessee to the Wilderness Lodge/indoor water park!
  • Made some of Mama Pea’s Thai Veggie Burgers!


I’m really trying to have a lot of fun in these next two weeks, because school is coming up really quickly! Although I’m excited about it, I’m also dreading having to get back into a routine, that leaves me with very little time for relaxing. It’s okay though, I like to be busy too!

Something else that happened? Meet my new little friend!

 Summerfun 032

I’ve been looking for this stuff at the local grocery stores, and the health food store, and even at Whole Foods. i finally found it at a Kroger in Tennessee. It is so delicious!  I had it for breakfast this morning mixed in with some apple cinnamon oat meal. 

Tennis just started back officially, and we have our first match this week! 🙂


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